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Lavender Dreams Gift Set

Luv The Oils

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This gift set comes with two bath salt packages and one sleepy roll on.  

Lavender Dreams: This is infused with 100% theraputic grade Lavender essential oils.  Great for right before bedtime to put you into dreamland.

Sleepy Roll On: 

Relax and unwind after a long day with the sleepy roller. Prescription sleeping aids often cause side effects like grogginess and fogginess upon waking, whereas essential oils do not cause these adverse reactions.  The Sleepy roller contains lavender and Cedarwood essential oils, which are widely known and researched for their relaxing and calming effects and are safe for babies and kids. There are many research studies that demonstrate these essential oils reduce sleep disturbances, fight insomnia, and improve the quality of sleep, thus promoting better physical and mental well being.

Directions: At bedtime, apply and massage behind ears, back of neck, and/or bottoms of feet. Apply and massage onto palms and inhale deeply.

10 ml Roll On Bottle