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Appetite Control

Luv The Oils

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Description: This blend of essential oils can help prevent you from overeating and constantly snacking. By applying it onto your palms and wrists and inhaling the aromas of these oils, a recent study showed that these oils work together to combat cravings and overeating. Grapefruit essential oil has the ability to boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and lower cravings. This is because of increased lipolysis, the breakdown of fats, which results in a decrease of body weight gain. We also use peppermint essential oil in this roller for its natural appetite suppressing properties. It helps keep cravings at bay due to its strong aroma. Try this essential oil blend and you’ll surely be able to stick to your diet!

Directions: Apply and massage onto palms and wrists and inhale deeply before breaking eating a meal or reaching for a snack! Use as needed.

Ingredients: Grapefruit Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

10 ml Roll On Bottle