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Immunity Three Pack Set

Luv The Oils

Regular price $45.00

Thus pack contains a little of everything from our products to keep you healthy.  You will receive an Immunity Roll On which you can use on the bottom of your feet, back of your neck or down your spine to keep your immune system healthy. you will also receive an Immunity Inhaler which is great for on the go.  These inhalers can last forever if you keep them tightly closed.  Keep the inhaler in your pocket or purse and inhale deeply when in crowded areas or if you are around people who may have the sniffles. Finally you will receive a 10 ml Immunity Mask Refresher spray for your reusable fast masks.  Give your mask a quick spritz and it will help you with your breathing and help kill the germs that are on your mask.  

** We still recommend that you wash your mask in hot soapy water after each use.